What You Should Know About Dental Imaging

Before the advent of dental imaging, a great amount of time was spent on diagnosing the main causes of your dental issues. There were a number of tests and X-rays required for diagnosis as well as for tracking improvements. Innovative dental imaging procedures have enabled us to show corrections in a quicker and clearer manner.

Dental imaging enables our dentist to view your dental anatomy from wider and different angles. For instance, a better angle of bone structure aids in locating dental problems more precisely. This great advancement in the field of dentistry is not only time saving, but also provides excellent and accurate results.

Digital X-rays

A digital X-ray is one of the most important advancements in dentistry. The technology replaces the concept of traditional films used in conventional X-rays with advanced, electronic sensors.

Below are some great benefits of digital X-rays in comparison to the traditional X-ray:

  • Produces less radiation

  • Enables our dentist to make a more accurate diagnosis

  • Reduces the use of materials or harsh chemicals

  • Quicker to use and provides immediate results

  • Produces better image results, enabling our dentist to figure out abnormalities in teeth, gums or enamel instantly.

In addition to that, digital X-rays provide exceptional quality images for our dentist, who is able to adjust the image (contrast or brightness) as needed. This technique has become one of the most adopted methods of digital imaging.

Intraoral Camera

An Intraoral camera is a type of dental imaging equipment which provides great convenience in taking internal images of a patient’s mouth. It helps in viewing the internal sections of the mouth with improved visibility.

Some advantages of intraoral camera include:

  • Ergonomically designed handpieces to obtain high-quality images

  • Single button capturing feasibility, unlike other techniques which require clicking on computer screens

  • A handpiece that can be plugged into a USB port to export images

  • More visibility to patients, making them more responsive to recommended treatments

  • A time-saving technique that helps take multiple images at once

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Our dentist aims to provide you with high-quality services through the use of the latest technologies. Dental imaging is one of such essential technologies that has considerably raised the standards of dental services.